19 Mart 2014 Çarşamba

The Oldest Functioning Shipyard of the World

Halic Shipyard

Standing once where the Byzantium shipyard used stand, Halic Shipyard was built after Sultan Mehmet’s conquest of Istanbul. The shipyard that was formerly known as Tersane-i Amire, was built in 1455.

As once it was considered to be a maritime center of the world, today Halic Shipyard holds the record for being the oldest functioning shipyard with its three dry docks and maintenance facilities. Unfortunately the Shipyard is closed to the public. You can find more information on the Shipyard from City Ferry’s brochure here (only in Turkish), or from here.

While there are many rumored projects that aim to transform Halic Shipyard in the future, for us the best project would involve preserving the Shipyard and building a museum on its grounds that would deliver its history to future generations.  

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