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The Last Palace

Yildiz Palace - Besiktas

Situated alongside Ciragan Palace in what was formerly known as Kazancioglu Gardens, Yildiz Palace now stands where once sultans used as a hunting site. 

The first summer palace on the site was ordered to be built by Ahmet Ist. The palace was started to be called “Yildiz” (meaning star) after Selim IIIrd ordered a summer palace to be built on these grounds for his mother. 

Throughout years and reigns of different sultans, more and more additions were made to the palace; and during Abdulhamit IInd’s reign it started to be used as the primary palace for the ruler.

After belonging to the military between the years 1922 and 1978, the palace was then transferred under the custodianship of Culture and Tourism Ministry.

Unfortunately it is forbidden to take photos inside Yildiz Palace; however you can get detailed information, pictures and a 3D tour of the palace from here.

If you are there to visit Yildiz Palace do not pass by Yildiz Park. Though quite crowded, Istanbul Tulip Festival (held in April) is a beautiful event that will give you the opportunity to experience the pleasantness of this park. You can get Tulip Festival’s information from this link. But the upcoming dates are not announced yet.

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