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Details that Set Apart

Surp Yegya Armenian Church - Eyup

Sometimes details are the aspects that make a whole perfect. Istanbul in a way, is unique and perfect in its whole because of the small details the city holds. One way or another, everyone who tours around this city gets caught up in a detail and falls under its charm.

This week we visited this tiny church in Eyup. Since the church these days only opens its doors a few times a year for special occasions, we took pictures and toured around this beautiful spot on your behalf.

While the exact date when the church was founded is unknown, it is guessed that Surp Yegya was built around 16th 17th century. Closed down in 1766, the  Church reopened its doors through an edict passed on March 26, 1800. Having been run down with time, the Church started holding masses again in 1832 with the Bezciyan Family’s financial support. The last restoration of the building took place in 1995.

Church’s grounds also housed Bezciyan Elementary School from 1832 to 1980. The building closed down due to lack of sufficient student enrollment.

This special landmark that once served the Armenian congregation, who gradually moved away from Eyüp, is just one of the many beautiful and unique details that Istanbul harbors- and we love getting lost in the details!

Take care of yourselves,
Tracer of Istanbul

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