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Shoots and Scores

Inonu Stadium - Dolmabahce

Architects of the stadium that opened its gates on May 19 1947 were Vietti Violi, Sinasi Sahingiray and Fazil Aysu. The uncovered grandstand section was later added to the stadium once the natural gas plant on the ground was demolished.

The first game the stadium held was on November 23 1947 between Besiktas and AIK of Sweden. Besiktas’s Suleyman Seba scored the first goal, but the match was won by AIK as 2-3.

The stadium was demolished in June 2013 for restoration purposes; the construction currently continues.

Also housing Besiktas Gymnasium Club’s museum, the stadium since 1990s also functioned as an international concert arena.

Bryan Adams gave the first concert of such on July 28 1992, and names such as Guns N’Roses, Elton John, Metallica, Madonna, and Michael Jackson followed.

You can find more information on the stadium and the museum from here. To get there, just follow the traffic moving from Besiktas towards Kabatas: the stadium is located right across Dolmabahce Palace.

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