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The Begrudging Visitor

Arap Izzet Pasha (Iliasko) Manor

Iliasko Manor in Buyukada (Prinkipo) was commissioned to be built by Konstantinos Iliasko, who at the time was the head manager of Athens Bank in Galata region. At the start of the 20th century, Iliasko Manor alongside its neighbouring manor came under Arap Izzet (Holo) Pasha’s ownership. Arap Izzet Pasha was known for his close relationship with Sultan Abdulhamit II, and both of these manors from this time started to be called after his name.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about the manor is that between the years 1929 and 1931, famous Soviet Revolutionist Lev Trotsky lived here in exile. You can get more information on Trotsky here. You can also watch a six-episode documentary on Trotsky’s life on the island from this link.

The original Iliasko Manor was demolished in 1980s and was reconstructed by Architect Erdem Hamami. 

After the manor was damaged from a fire in 1931, Trotsky respectively stayed at the Savoy Hotel, a manor in Kadıkoy and the Yanaros Manor on Buyukada until he left Turkey in 1939. You can find pictures of the Yanaros Manor form a former exhibition about it through this link.

While it is impossible to visit these historical landmarks since they are privately owned, we recommend you take a little break and visit either Buyukada or one of the other islands before it starts to get overcrowded with tourists in the summer.

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